Elizabeth A. Hart

Executive Vice President

Elizabeth A. Hart brings nearly 15 years of Capitol Hill experience to Crossroads Strategies. She has made a career of leading the teams of moderate and frontline Democratic Members who played key roles in virtually all of the significant legislative battles over the last decade, in both the minority and majority. Beginning her career on Capitol Hill with Representative Baron Hill of Indiana, a Chief Deputy Whip and a prominent member of the Blue Dog Coalition, Elizabeth helped lead a policy team focused on restoring fiscal responsibility to the federal budget process and consistently working across the aisle to implement common-sense, bipartisan policies. She then went on to be the Legislative Director and then Chief of Staff for Representative Melissa Bean of Illinois. In that role, she was integral in helping secure passage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). She led the effort for inclusion of centrist provisions in Dodd-Frank – notably maintaining national preemption of the consumer protection laws for national banks – and preserving the ability of derivative end-users to hedge their risk.


Most recently, Hart served as Chief of Staff to Representative John Carney of Delaware, where she built his Washington team from scratch. In this capacity, she helped build bipartisan consensus on and off the Hill, shepherding critical elements of the JOBS Act into law, including the IPO on-ramp provisions. More recently, she spearheaded a successful, year-long effort to win inclusion in the 2014 “Cromnibus” of one of the only fixes to the Affordable Care Act ever passed by Congress – over the initial objection of the Obama Administration and many of the principal authors of the Affordable Care Act.Hart has been a Chief of Staff to two members of the New Democrat Coalition leadership team, Bean and Carney The group routinely works across the aisle to advance policies that foster economic growth, innovation and smart government. In her roles for both Bean and Carney, Hart was intimately involved in shaping the policy development, strategy and execution of the New Dems’ mission.

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