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Crossroads Strategies’ Ivelisse Porroa-Garcia: Featured on LATINO Magazine

Washington – Crossroads Strategies is proud to highlight the exceptional contributions of our Senior Vice President, Ivelisse Porroa-Garcia, as Vice President of the Hispanic Lobbyists Association (HLA). Ivelisse’s impactful work is a testament to her dedication to fostering a more representative landscape in government relations.

The Hispanic Lobbyists Association, a non-partisan nonprofit organization founded in 2006, has been instrumental in increasing the presence and influence of Latino professionals in government relations and public affairs. The HLA aims to change this by offering mentorship and professional development opportunities, and by creating a sense of community for Latino lobbyists.

Ivelisse began her distinguished career on Capitol Hill, serving notable leaders such as Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Raul Ruiz, and leading the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association. Her belief in diversity as a cornerstone of effective governance drives her involvement with HLA, where she currently chairs key initiatives like the Avanza Awards and the group’s popular Cafecito gatherings with Members of Congress and Administration officials. 

“Representation matters significantly,” said Porroa-Garcia. “A diverse landscape in government relations ensures that different perspectives are included in policy-making, reflecting the true face of America.”

Under her leadership, the HLA has seen significant growth in membership, expanding from 170 to over 200 members this year. This growth mirrors the increasing recognition of the importance of diversity within the lobbying profession.

Ivelisse’s efforts extend beyond professional development. She emphasizes the importance of community, stating, “HLA creates a network where we support and mentor each other. As an immigrant from Peru, I want to bring more people like me into this field. Diversity is increasing, and that’s a positive change.”

Crossroads Strategies applauds Ivelisse Porroa-Garcia’s dedication and leadership. Her work not only enhances our firm but also sets a benchmark for the entire industry. We look forward to supporting her continued efforts to bring about positive change.

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