Our Services

We have the expertise, experience, and skills to provide any type of federal engagement program.

Areas of Focus

Federal Advocacy

Crossroads Strategies’ expertise in planning and carrying out constructive government relations is honed and enabled through centuries of combined advocacy experience, deep relationships with key officials and staff, and outside-the-box thinking.

In consultation with each client, we develop a comprehensive advocacy campaign based on specific identified assets, needs, and goals. Assessing the client’s footprint and grassroots capabilities, as well as the relative strength of their relationships with key policymakers, CRS develops and implements impactful advocacy campaigns to drive client outcomes in federal policy.

CRS tailors advocacy plans and our approach to the needs of each client because no two clients are the same Our philosophy and detailed advocacy planning ensure effective results for each of our clients.

CRS professionals identify champions, educate legislators and regulators on client priorities, pinpoint opportunities for clients to provide input in the policymaking process, and manage coalition efforts on behalf of our clients. In addition to launching initial work plans to influence policy for our clients, we also constantly reevaluate our strategies to reflect the nation’s often-changing political dynamics.

Strategic Guidance

Our professionals are adept at developing political engagement and risk management strategies for clients. By applying effective, real-time monitoring and intelligence gathering; a comprehensive and bespoke political strategy; and careful deployment of those resources and strategies to assist clients’ efforts, Crossroads Strategies serves as a force-multiplier for clients both in coordinating and executing these efforts.

Sound government relations strategy is built upon reliable intelligence. Crossroads Strategies offers an expansive network of contacts in the executive and legislative branches of government to that enables our professionals to develop and continually evaluate strategic plans for our clients.

By identifying the myriad political and policy resources available to clients, Crossroads Strategies offers high-level strategic guidance so that clients can best leverage their strengths, footprint, and expertise to drive positive outcomes.

This philosophy and deft approach ensure that our touchpoints and interactions with policymakers deliver actionable progress and ultimately, tangible results.

Political Intelligence and Issue Monitoring

For clients who seek to better understand political risks and opportunities rather than shape policy, CRS offers bespoke issue monitoring and political intelligence services. Our team of practitioners work proactively to provide regular updates regarding regulatory and legislative action items, as well as developments regarding specific issues and industries.

We believe consistent information flow to be one of the most effective strategies in helping our clients successfully navigate the federal political landscape and better identify both threats and opportunities. Our goal is to provide strategic guidance and critical information to clients in a manner that is both timely and highly tailored to their needs. As part of any representation, we work alongside clients to develop comprehensive monitoring tools to create the best approach to bolster their internal resources.

Procurement and Business Development Consulting

Government relations is often an extension of our clients’ tactical business development plan. We work with our clients to help create or enhance the relationship with their government customer and integrate the federal budget and procurement schedules into the client’s business development forecast.

Finally, we utilize all the moving parts of the federal budget, authorization and appropriations processes to maximize the business development opportunities available to our clients and influence the highest funding levels for purchases of their products and services.