Rontel Batie


Rontel Batie is an advisor to Crossroads Strategies, LLC. Rontel has a diverse political background and advocates for clients in a number of industries, namely financial services, health care and transportation.

Since joining CRS in 2019, Rontel has represented clients including issue-based think tanks, Fortune 500 companies and trade associations before the Legislative and Executive Branch. He has consistently helped clients refine their core issues and target audiences in a way that has resulted in successful legislative outcomes, as well as long-term relationship building.  He has also specialized in helping clients define and weave diversity and inclusion strategies into their advocacy strategies.

Since Rontel’s career in advocacy began, he has helped clients build coalitions with like-minded companies and organizations to bolster their efforts, resulting in successful legislative outcomes. He is also very active with helping clients align their messaging and talking points in ways that resonate with target audiences with Capitol Hill, the Administration and third-party stakeholders.

Rontel earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida A&M University and his Master’s in Legislative Affairs from The George Washington University.

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