Sam Adcock

Executive Vice President

Sam Adcock is an accomplished senior business executive with nearly two-decades of defense and transportation industry experience, as well as an extensive background in defense and security policy. Prior to joining Crossroads, he was vice president and general manager of Mississippi manufacturing operations for Airbus Helicopters, Inc. He also served as senior vice president for strategy and business development for Airbus North America, as well as senior vice president for Government Relations for Airbus North America.

Before working in industry, he was Policy Director for Senator Trent Lott and acted as Director of Defense and Security Policy for the Senate Majority Leader.  Out of Graduate School, Sam was selected to the highly-competitive Presidential Management Internship Program, leading him to the U.S. Navy where he became expert in U.S. Navy shipbuilding, as well as defense contracting.  

During his time in industry, Sam led numerous bid & proposal efforts, prosecuted numerous capture efforts and led one of the largest. integrated public affairs and lobbying campaigns related to a large prime contract protest.  Sam was recognized as one of the “Top Corporate Lobbyists” by the Hill Newspaper for six consecutive years.

He is a “reformed” congressional candidate for Congress, having campaigned for election to the United States House of Representatives  from the First Congressional District of Mississippi in 2015.  From 2002 to 2006, Sam was a member of the Defense Science Board, an Advisory Committee to Department of Defense.

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