How Washington Works: Congressional Careers

By Mark Micheli



Congressional staffers have a unique set of skills. Sometimes too unique. Whether you’re looking to switch to a new office or to make a move to the private sector, learning to market those sometimes unexplainable experiences in Congress is essential.


Finding the right match.
Elizabeth Hart was facing a new challenge. She’d been a chief of staff for seven years, a deputy chief for the three years before that. And she was ready to make a move. She wasn’t secretive about it. Her member, John Carney (D-DE), was retiring and highly supportive of her finding that “next thing.” A high achiever (like nearly everyone on the Hill), Hart was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility at a young age – part of an exclusive club of chiefs of staff under the age of 35. Her next big challenge? Explaining to people in the private sector those unique “in the trenches” experiences only congressional staffers can understand


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