IBM Hires Lobbyists to Help Win Pentagon JEDI Cloud Business

By Chris Cornillie and Jorge Uquillas | April 3, 2018 4:14PM ET


IBM and rival technology companies vying for the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, cloud contract are intensifying lobbying efforts as the federal government prepares to open bidding for one the largest-ever programs of its kind.


International Business Machines Corp. retained Washington lobbying firm Crossroads Strategies LLC to make its case regarding the Pentagon’s “cloud computing strategy and programs,” according to a lobbying registration disclosure. It’s one of about a dozen companies competing for the cloud deal, which could be worth as much as $10 billion over 10 years.


Pentagon officials announced last month that JEDI would be a single-award contract, seemingly tilting the contest in favor of cloud computing giants such as Amazon Web Services LLC and Microsoft Corp.


Crossroads lobbyists listed in the registration include two with ties to legislators representing the state of Washington, where Amazon is headquartered. Shay Hancock was a military legislative assistant to Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.). Smith is ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee. Another lobbyist, Marc Numedahl, was the military legislative assistant to Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.), also a member of the Armed Services Committee.


Representatives from IBM and Crossroads declined to comment.


IBM isn’t the only JEDI competitor using the force of K Street. CSRA Inc., which built the Defense Department’s milCloud solution, spent $150,000 in the fourth quarter of 2017 on defense and IT issues including the Pentagon’s move to the cloud, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Government.


Akin Gump, BHFS, Podesta Group top LDA ranking

By Isaac Arnsdorf

With help from Taylor Gee, Kaitlyn Burton and Mary Lee


Here are your full-year and fourth-quarter 2016 Lobbying Disclosure Act revenue rankings:



  • Venable: $10.35M in 2016 vs. $9.41M in 2015 ($2.32M in 4Q16 vs. $2.58M in 4Q15)
  • Forbes Tate Partners: $10M in 2016 vs. $9.03M in 2015 ($2.9M in 4Q16 vs. $2.4M in 4Q15)
  • Heather Podesta + Partners: $9.86M in 2016 vs. $7.54M in 2015 ($2.86M in 4Q16 vs. $2.51M in 4Q15)
  • Thorn Run Partners: $8.58M in 2016 vs. $7.52m in 2015 ($2.17M in 4Q16 vs. $1.97M in 4Q15)
  • Monument Policy Group: $6.02M in 2016 vs. $5.47M in 2015 ($1.65M in 4Q16 vs. $1.4M in 4Q15)
  • HLP&R Advocacy: $4.08M in 2016 vs. $3.63M in 2015 ($1.08M in 4Q16 vs. $930,000 in 4Q15)
  • Crossroads Strategies: $7.85M in 2016 vs. $6.77M in 2015 ($1.99M in 4Q16)

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Crossroads Strategies merges with Capitol Strategies

01/05/17 02:14 PM EST


CROSSING OVER: Capitol Strategies, founded by former Senate Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee clerk Wally Burnett and former Sen. Patty Murray legislative assistant Shay Hancock, merged with Crossroads Strategies, founded by Republican lobbyists John Green and Stewart Hall, to form CRS. With a team of 16 and combined LDA revenue of more than $11 million, the firm is expected to crack the top 20. (The firm also does political intelligence.)

Capitol Strategies emphasized transportation, defense and infrastructure. Clients include FedEx, Northrop Grumman and Cook Inlet Regional Inc.


Crossroads Strategies was started by founding partners of what became Ogilvy Government Relations and focused on financial services, health care, technology and energy. Senior partner Todd Weiss, partners Hunter Moorhead and Mat Lapinski helped bring the firm to more than 50 clients, including Altria, Morgan Stanley and Koch Industries, with almost $8 million in 2016 revenue.


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FIRSTS IN PLAYBOOK: Crossroads Strategies merges

By Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, & Daniel Lippman

01/05/17 07:18 AM


FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — BIG NEWS IN THE LOBBYING WORLD Crossroads Strategies, founded by GOP veteran lobbyists John Green and Stewart Hall, is merging with boutique lobbying firm Capitol Strategies, founded by Wally Burnett and Shay Hancock. The new firm, which will operate as CRS, is expected to generate more than $11 million in annual revenue, putting it in the top 20 lobbying firms by revenue. Stay tuned for more additions.


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Spotify grows D.C. footprint

By Tony Romm
08/12/2016 12:17 PM EDT


Spotify is still trying to turn up the volume in Washington.


In its latest lobbying growth spurt, the music-streaming company in August hired another firm – Crossroads Strategies – to focus on issues around licensing, copyright and antitrust, according to a disclosure filed this week.


For more than a year, Spotify has tried to convince regulators in both the United States and Europe that one of its biggest competitors in music streaming – Apple – has stifled competition. Spotify specifically has taken issue with Apple’s practice of taking a cut of all subscriptions sold through the iPhone giant’s App Store.


Spotify opened the doors on a permanent, in-house lobbing operation in April, and it’s so far spent about $450,000 talking to regulators in Washington this year, federal records show.


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Akin Gump, Brownstein, Podesta topped Q1 revenue

By Isaac Arnsdorf

With help from Cogan Schneier and Brianna Gurciullo


LEAGUE TABLES: First-quarter lobbying reports are in!



  • Forbes-Tate: $2.4 million (vs. $2.22M in 1Q15)
  • Ogilvy Government Relations: $2.64 million (up 9.1 percent from 1Q15)
  • Thorn Run Partners: $2.02 million (vs. $1.97M in 4Q15 and $1.75M in 1Q15)
  • Crossroads Strategies: $1.88 million (vs. $1.62M in 1Q15)
  • CGCN: $1.7 million (vs. $2.02M in 4Q15 and $1.77M in 1Q15)
  • Monument Policy Group: $1.45 million (vs. $1.36M in 1Q15)
  • Republic Consulting: $740,000 (vs. $710,000 in 4Q15 and $580,000 in 1Q15)

(These figures were all provided by the firms.)



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League tables! Top firms, top spenders

With help from Emily Kopp, Noah Weiland, Seung Min Kim and Daniel Lippman


LEAGUE TABLES: Fourth-quarter lobbying disclosures are here. It was a busy three months for many firms, with the whirlwind of legislating that produced the mammoth year-end spending and tax deals, Marc Lampkin of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck tells PI. Here’s how they stacked up:
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How Washington Works: Congressional Careers

By Mark Micheli



Congressional staffers have a unique set of skills. Sometimes too unique. Whether you’re looking to switch to a new office or to make a move to the private sector, learning to market those sometimes unexplainable experiences in Congress is essential.


Finding the right match.
Elizabeth Hart was facing a new challenge. She’d been a chief of staff for seven years, a deputy chief for the three years before that. And she was ready to make a move. She wasn’t secretive about it. Her member, John Carney (D-DE), was retiring and highly supportive of her finding that “next thing.” A high achiever (like nearly everyone on the Hill), Hart was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility at a young age – part of an exclusive club of chiefs of staff under the age of 35. Her next big challenge? Explaining to people in the private sector those unique “in the trenches” experiences only congressional staffers can understand


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POLITICO Influence

By Theodoric Meyer, POLITICO


“SPOTTED AT BOBBY VAN’S LAST NIGHT: A PI tipster took notes on who showed up to celebrate Elizabeth Hart‘s move to Crossroads Strategies. Spotted: Altria’s John Hoel, Elevate’s Brian Yates, Credit Union National Association’s Sam Whitfield, March & McLennan’s Paul Hilliar, AT&T’s Lyndon Boozer, Takeda’s Shelley Stewart, Verizon’s Chris DeBosier; Visa’s Pace Bradshaw and Merck’s Eli Joseph. And representing Crossroads: Todd Weiss, Anne Brady Perron, John Green, Stewart Hall, Jake Perry, Steve Tilton, Hunter Moorhead, Mat Lapinski and Matt Wise.”


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BGOV’s Top-Performing Lobbying Firms, Q2 2015

By Jacqueline Montgomery and Jorge Uquillas, Bloomberg Government


“Performance highlights: Crossroads Strategies was in the top 10 in two of the key criteria. The firm was also a top performer in Q1 2015″


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